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Inspirational Links

Heart Art .... and Emelisa Mudle


Here are some links that have inspired me on so many levels. I thought id share them here with you.
Some of the links will touch your soul and possibly bring tears to your eyes I love how they are filled with inspiration, gratitude and love

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did.


This one is amazing about teen kids doing a weekend workshop its called Lines that Divide us

This is about Dr Jill Bolte Taylor she had a stroke many years ago, its wonderful as she talks about how it affected her body at the time and the experiences she felt. Its called My stroke of Insight


This is gorgeous how hugs can be so sweetly contagious

This guy is inspiring, he pushed through his fears and suprised everyone. Paul Potts

This little 6 yo Connie Talbot is amazing she was on American idol


Kate and Gin canine freestyle the connection they have is beautiful this dog is amazing


I love this its called "Where is Matt"

This is great her name is Amy and she made a little movie called The Beckoning of Lovely check it out its sweet

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