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Inspirational Classes, 6 Week Course


Create the Life you Truly want to Live
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These classes are designed to motivate, inspire, empower, excite and challenge you to grow by bringing awareness into your thoughts and patterns that have held you back from creating the life you truly want to live.

Using and learning about:

mandalas - collage - painting - body imagery and creative journaling

you will begin to:

  • Discover the joy, freedom, and confidence that comes through creative exploration

  • Start the process of uncovering some of the unconscious beliefs that have led to your patterns of behavior

  • Begin to develop a conscious awareness of how we continue to use our words to create our reality

  • Learn to tune into the messages of your own body and learn tools to become your own healer

  • Connect with your passions and dreams and begin to create amazing possibilities

  • This course runs for 6 weeks :
    Wednesday nights for approximately 2 hours.

Wednesday nights start time is 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Investment in you - Price - $180
Please contact me before making payment

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