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"Rainbows for Lilly"

Rainbow Spirit Inspirations
presents jewellery designed and crafted by Lilly –

 The title of Rainbows for Lilly was created in honour of a dear friend with cancer and a mingling of middle names and the business name of our organic farm.
Lilly is an Australian designer based in northern NSW who takes her inspiration from her surroundings and her passion for humanity

We would also like to present a range of jewellery from another
Australian Based company
Blue Turtles is an Australian based company that creates quality
contemporary sterling silver jewellery.

Crafted by hand and with love each individual piece has a message that touches our hearts and souls
The Poetic Pieces Collection - words of wisdom and poetry by some
of the world's greatest luminaries and visionaries inscribed in sterling silver. 
Gorgeous pieces include pendants, rings and bracelets. 
All sterling silver jewellery pieces have a life time guarantee on the workmanship this does not include the key rings

You can find Rainbows for Lilly on Face book - Rainbows for Lilly
or you can contact Miss Lilly - rsoinspirations@gmail.com


Designed and Hand Crafted "Jewellery by Lilly"

Beaded Bracelet
Jade bracelet
Ceramic bead bracelet
Jade,opal,precious stone bracelet
Leather and Hemp with Tree charm

Pretty Fibre and Hemp Bracelet
Bead and Pearl Bracelet
Pretty fiber and hemp bracelet with wooden beads $15.00AUD
Unique piece by Lilly-14ct gold wire & sterling silver wire

Leather and Hemp Bracelet
Labradorie bracelet
Ceramic bead bracelet
Leather and Hemp tie bracelet with sterling silver charm $60
Labradorite stone in Sterling Silver setting on this one as well as a sterling silver word charm. AUD$30.00
Single strand ceramic bead wrap bracelet and tie with a charm $20.00AUD

Be the change you want to see in the world
Be the Chane - Pendant
jewellery - Earthern Touch
Leather Hemp and ceramic bead bracelet with sterling silver charms & a crystal $30.00AUD

Be the change you want to see in the world
Be the Chane - Pendant
jewellery - Earthern Touch



Elegant citrine ring
Dragon Etched Jewellery
Butterfly and Beads Jewellery
Designed and handcrafted by Lilly,unique heart and symbolic breast cancer awareness ribbon. MTO $60.00

Earrings-Sterling Silver Love
Glass bead on Leather
zodiac bracelet

Zodiac bracelet $8

Earrings-Sterling Silver Love
Crsytal bracelet
zodiac bracelet
.Zodiac bracelets $8

Jewellery - Designed by Lilly Made to order Uniquely for you Prices start at $50.00.

Silver Heart Earrings
Stlish Silver Collar Necklace
Some people - Pendant
Zodiac bracelets $8

From Inner Peace world Peace will grow
Double Happiness Earrings
Pearl and Crystal drop Earrings
Handcrafted metal cuff $25


Be the change you want to see in the world
Be the Chane - Pendant
jewellery - Earthern Touch


Blue Turtles Jewellery
Lifetime Guarantee on Sterling Silver Pieces

Better to travel well than to arrive - Buddha
Sterling Silver pendants - Variety
Sterling Silver bracelet - Its better to travel well then to arrive - Price $120
Sterling Silver- Bangle Bracelet- $180

Forget not the earth delights
Sterling silver dragonfly
Sterling silver pendant - Buddha quote
Lovely Heart Pendant - S40
Sterling Silver Dragonfly $103.00

Elegantly designed 2 piece pendant with a poetic inscription The way is not in the sky the way is in the heart... Buddha $110.00

Aim for the Moon
Follow your Bliss - Mixed Silver Rings
Mixed rings - Buddha
Buddha series - $75
Bar Pendant - $140
Sterling Silver Cross $65

Sterling Silver Light weight Heart
Plain Pearl Charm
Donut Pendant - $110
Sterling Silver Pendants - $65

Mixed messages Keyrings
Unique designed penadant with snake chain
Charm Bracelet
Sterling Silver hammered Pendant - $75
Sterling silver Oval Pendant - Be the change you want to see in thw world- $110
Jewellery - Peace pendant When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves...Buddha $125.00

Thick silver collar necklace
Mother Theresa uote sterling silver
Sterling Silver Necklace
Sterling silver Mother series lovely quote frpm Mother Theresa let no one come to you without leaving better and happier ...$94.00
Mother series with the quote There's nothing like a mama hug... $65.00.

Damask Pendant
Thin Sterling Silver collar
Symbolic Sterling silver pendant
Damask pendant $60.00.
Sterling silver thin collar $70.00.
Symbolic pendant with the meaning of Double Happiness $110.00

Unique designed silver penadant
Yoga series Jewellery
Unique design- sterling silver pendant $60.00.
Sterling silver Yoga series $85.00.

Pearl drop earrings


Pearl and Silver earrings 

Sterling Silver Heart Earrings
Sterling silver Pearl drop earrings - $90
Pearl and silver earrings $55
Sterling silver heart earrings $40.00.

Resin wild flower earrings


Spiral Silver earrings 

Silver Keychain with messages of love
Resin wild flower hearts encased in sterling silver $28.00.
unique spiral earrings -All sterling silver $30.00.
Keychain - Rectangular silver plated with inspirational quotes $20.00 each

One word Silver charms
Damask Ring
Live, Love and laugh ring
one word charms Love or Peace available $40.00
Damask ring size 8 $64.00.
Quotes available - Live, Laugh-Love and Dream, Beleive, Achieve
Poetic Ring - $55

mixed charms Buddha, Dr Zuess
Better to Travel Well
Charm - Friendship
R3 Stone - Sterling Silver ring - Bob Marley quote - $85
Set of 3 rings $120

Slender Gemstone ring
Wrap style Pearl ring
Garnet Ring
Slender gemstone ring $30
Wrap style ring - off set pearl $100
Slim band ring with a red garnet precious stone $85.00.

Thick Hammered sterling silver ring
Thin Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
Spinner Sterling silver rings
Thick hammered sterling silver ring $55.00 MTO.
Thin hammered sterling silver ring MTO $40.00.
Spinner rings- sterling silver with a poetic inscription on the middle piece that turns $130.00.

Wrap around sterling silver rings with messages
Damask Ring
Live, Love and laugh ring
Wrap around rings with inspirational quotes 1.Be the change you want to see in the world . 2.What doesnt destroy me makes me stronger - $85
Damask ring size 8 $64.00.
Quotes available - Live, Laugh-Love and Dream, Beleive, Achieve
Poetic Ring - $55

Elegant citrine ring
Elegant ring - Citrine Only - $100

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